St Pete Beach Classic Half Marathon

Last Saturday, I paced for the St Pete Beach Classic half marathon. It was sort of last minute, but I signed on to pace the 2:45 group. I was a little bit nervous, but used Cool Running’s pace calculator to figure out what time I should be hitting each mile. It was very difficult to go that slow for a half, especially since adrenaline hit me even though I wasn’t really racing.

The things that I liked about this race were…
1. I forgot my race belt thus had no fuel. I ran 2 hours and 43 minutes with nothing but water.
2. I did not listen to any music or anything past the first mile and then again at the last mile.
3. I was not completely dead AGAIN after a half marathon for the second time.

This marathon training has done some crazy things for my distance running. While I’m appreciative of my improvement as a runner, I can say that I have no damn interest in running a marathon again!

Wish me luck Sunday. My goal? Survival.


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