The Florida Holiday Halfathon

On December 15, 2013, I ran the Florida Holiday Halfathon, and I made that race my bitch. Truthfully, I just killed my PR. After having sky dived the day before, I felt invincible. 


There were multiple packet pick ups throughout the area. A friend picked mine up from Fit 2 Run in Tampa, so no worries there. This packet is super boring. It’s the shirt and paper.

The Race

Last year when I ran this race, I was super bored with distance running and didn’t train very seriously. This year, the race was basically a training run for my marathon training, and I was not even sort of worried about the race. I am amazed at the fact that I don’t even blink at the thought of running for over two hours anymore.

My only goal was to at least beat my 2:27 time from the previous year. I straight murdered that PR. The coolest part of the race was I wasn’t completely wasted and dead afterwards. Normally, I’m dead to the world and can’t think. 


Post Race

The medal was essentially the same as last year’s. I gorged on pasta and beer and actually took a photo on the official background (I never remember to do that at races).

An exciting difference between last year and this year was the insane amount of people I knew at the race. I am in too many damn run clubs.

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