Women’s Running 5K

Last year, I told myself I wasn’t going to do this race again. It’s so expensive.


I picked up my packet at the expo which is at the ridiculously beautiful Vinoy. For the second year in a row, this expo was disappointing, especially after the Gasparilla expo which rivals Comic Con. But I did pick up a new headband to add to my collection. My new one says “I’m kind of a big deal.”

Race Day (27:40):
I street parked again like last year. Despite the number of people that run this, there’s a helluva lot of parking to be had downtown the morning of the race.

This year, all the runners started at the same time, but after about .75 miles, the two races veered in different directions. The 5K route was very different than last year, and I shaved 50 seconds off my time compared to last year’s race which was PR up until this month. 

Post Race:

After I finished, I fell in love with this damn race again. There are so many things after the race including a tent full of nothing but Publix cookies and one for champagne. And there was a freshen up tent complete with wipes, smell good spray, deodorant, and scrunchies. 

So while I say I’m never doing it again, I am already convinced that is lie. Maybe next year I will do the half. We’ll see…

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One Response to Women’s Running 5K

  1. You should do the half. You are so beyond 5Ks!

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