The Mustache Dache 5K

Before the Race
Packet pick up was the day before at a local running store. This was an eco friendly pick up, and runners were encouraged to bring their own swag bag. I am not sure what the bag was for as the packet consisted of the race bib and the t shirt. There was no swag! Runners who didn’t pre pick up the packet were in a line that barley cleared up before the race started. 

They also had a mustache creation station (they drew a mustache with a marker), but I was prepared with my own homemade ‘stache.
This was a PR for me. It is pretty easy to run downtown St. Pete because it’s so flat. My last 5K PR was down there as well.

This race started at Spa Beach Park near the Pier and went to the Dali and back twice. It wasn’t a particularly exciting route, and I hate when a race has runners repeat the route. 

After the Race
The medal is a mustache which was cute.

Runners could type their bib into a computer station and get their time, but my time didn’t register. As such, I’m not in the race results, so it’s like I didn’t run.

There was water, trail mix granola bars, and chocolate mustaches. Shipyard Brewing Company had a beer garden, and I got two free beers which was awesome. After the medal ceremony, there was a costume contest and music. 

I used a Groupon and got this race for $20, but if I’d paid full price I would not have been satisfied. 

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