Run for the Fallen… Again

Last year, I swore I wouldn’t do it again, but what had happened was I became an ambassador for a local running store. As such, I need 8 races a year, and Run for the Fallen is free and AGAIN was a damn mess.

There were some improvements. My registration was there this time, but a friend’s wasn’t. We both registered when it opened, but they didn’t have her registration and gave her a numberless bib.

There were 16 port-o-Johns to last year’s 4. And the hand washing station had plenty of soap, but not enough water.

At the opening ceremonies, we could actually hear what was happening this year. And it sort of started on time, though I wish it was an earlier race. It’s too hot in September for a 9:30 start, and I felt like Mufasa braving the African heat trying not to die in the sweltering mess.

There were cops this year, and the road was blocked off so no fire ants, but the throng of thousands was relegated to one lane.

They had small cups at the drink stations instead of throwing water bottles at us. Whilst that was an improvement, the stations weren’t spread out enough. The first one was at 1.25 miles, then 1.75, 3.75, and 4.25.

Parking this year was a disaster; we parked in the lot of a closed business because the traffic was backed up for miles while people waited to get into the parking lot.

The actual distance of the 5K was 2.5 miles, and the 10K was only 5 miles. Races are normally a little off with the miles, but these fools weren’t even close.

While it may seem like a post about improvements should mean the race went well, that is not the case here. It is still a disorganized cluster eff run by someone who clearly has never run a race.

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