The Flavor Run 5K

This weekend, I volunteered (with a running friend) at the first ever Flavor Run 5K. This race was very similar to The Color Run with some key differences that make it worth the money. There were medals, and with an interesting twist, the colored powder was flavored. Runners could also volunteer to be Flavor Fairies which meant, along with running the 5K, they could chase people through the “enchanted forest” and get them with color there.

Before the Race
To volunteer, I was up about the same time as I would’ve been to run. This one was in Tampa at the fairgrounds, so my drive was about half an hour.

My friend and I stuffed hundreds of swag bags with paper, a Flavor Run tattoo, and when the bags went passed us, a color powder pack was thrown in as well. We also unwrapped hundreds of medals.

Runners and volunteers received a gray t-shirt. People could also buy Hawaiian lays, neon sunglasses, and white t-shirts. Volunteers who were throwing color powder at the stations also received a bandana to cover their nose and mouth.

During the Race
I was at the Flavor Fairy station handing out wings. By the end end of the race, I was covered in glitter like a day walking stripper.


Runners who crossed the finish got a free towel to wipe the massive amounts of color from their faces.

Because we were standing under the volunteer tent, a stranger asked us to watch her bags. When she returned, she wanted to steal a pair of wings. Loads of runners asked us to take their pictures. One family asked us to take one picture then text it to them. This turned into a full on family photo session.

After the Race
The free post race food was fresh fruit from Whole Foods. There was a live cover band. Next year, there should be more of a party situation at the end. Runners could also buy carnival food and beer.


In the end, I had a blast just as a volunteer. I can’t imagine what it’d be like as a runner.

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