1 Year Anniversary

Today marks my 1 year anniversary of living in Florida as well as my first year living alone. I’ve learned a lot during this one year journey.

What I’ve learned about Florida…
-The trade off for snow is rain and humidity.
-Killing bugs is a part time job.
-Living in a blatantly “Stand Your Ground” state has tempered my temper when dealing with humans I don’t know.
-The teaching philosophy here is purely teach-to-the-test for subjects tested by FCAT.
-I still can’t get used to how beautiful it is here.

About money…
-It’s considerably easier to live on 2 salaries.
-Being invited to out of state weddings is expensive.
-60 days notice is required in Florida for moving out of an apartment.
-Movies are $10.50 here no matter the time. I don’t really go to the movies anymore.
-Living sans cable is very possible and saves lots of money.

About dating…
-It sucks ass.
-I seem to be highly attractive to men who aren’t ready for a commitment.
-It’s really awesome for trying out new restaurants and foods.
-I had to learn how to date because I never really had to, and I learned that rules are important to follow!

About running…
-It is still cheaper than therapy.
-Runners are the greatest people

About family & friends…
-Holidays without my family are hard.
-Some people are too toxic to hold onto.
-I am truly blessed to have met the people I have met down here.

About me…
-I bounce back from defeat pretty quickly.
-I have kept my weight off for more than a year.
-I am awesome.

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4 Responses to 1 Year Anniversary

  1. TSumm says:

    You ARE awesome girl!

  2. nezy2049 says:

    Good for you! I’m glad you’re doing so well down there. I always enjoy reading your posts. As for dating, just keep at it and don’t lower your standards. You’re quite a woman and a wonderful catch. 🙂

    By the way, there’s a slot down at Tyndall AFB (near Panama City) that we’ve talked about me applying for. Haven’t decided, though. Is that near you?

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