34th Annual Kiwanis Morton Plant Mease Midnight Run 1 Mile & 5K

1 mile (8:20) & 5K (31:40)

I have to do 8 races a year because I’m an ambassador of a local running store. I’ve done 4 this year as an ambassador, and I have 3 more planned. I signed up for the one miler so I could pick up an 8th race.

It was interesting how much of a joke I thought that distance was. Looking back, my very first mile on January 30th, 2011 took 16 minutes and 49 seconds. On Wednesday night, I ran a 1 mile race in 8 minutes and 20 seconds. That’s less than HALF the time of my first mile ever!

We picked up our packets before the race started. I only got a crappy cotton t-shirt because I was doing the 1 mile. There were nicer shirts for the 5K & 10K runners. There was an MC leading different games and competitions for spectators.

The race was supposed to start at 11:00PM. Around 10:54, we started wondering where the start line was. We realized we were nowhere near it and ran to it which got us a little winded.

The Race(s):
I like to try and get as far in front of the pack as possible. Not because I’m fast, but because I hate dodging people. At the front of the pack were the really fast runners. The girls I ran with and I took off with them, but when I looked down at my phone I saw that we were doing a 5:22 pace, so I slowed it down to an 8:30 pace which was my goal. I finished it 10 seconds faster than that.

I got roped into also joining the 5K run. The real reason I agreed was because I wanted to behave badly on my eating habits on the Fourth of July. It was hot and humid and horrible especially after having run the mile as fast as I did. I sweat all into my eyes and mouth and was so grossed out, but I finished!

Closing Thoughts:
I loved running in the dark especially over the Causeway bridge where it was completely dark. The silence in the pitch black during that minute as we all padded along the drawbridge was pretty cool. It’s a small-ish local 5K which I liked. I did too many big ones last race season. I think I will definitely do this again.

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