Race Season #2

My race season is finally over. (I have to stay strong though and not sign up for another race until this fall; I must save money!) I had a lot of successes in my second race season.

My successes:

  • I finally PRed by getting under my long time goal of a sub 30 minute 5K. Now it is pretty standard for me to run 3 miles in 30 minutes or less (if I try).
  • I finally logged 1000 miles of running as of last week. I got over 1000 miles a while ago for all activities (running, walking, biking, elliptical, etc), but I finally actually hit that mark for JUST running.
  • 20130501-132549.jpg

  • Since the start of this race season, I have lost 4.5 pounds.
  • I am FINALLY in single digit pants and dress sizes.
  • I can do real push ups. No more lady push ups for me.
  • I can hold a plank for longer than a minute!

The races:

  1. Run for the Fallen
  2. UNCF Walk for Education
  3. Lady Speed Stick Half Marathon & 5K
  4. Florida Holiday Halfathon
  5. The Color Run
  6. The Glow Run
  7. The Warrior Dash Florida
  8. The Rock & Roll Half Marathon 5K
  9. Gasparilla 5K
  10. Tampa Bay Corporate 5K
  11. Iron Girl Half Marathon & 5K
  12. The Urban Chicken Scavenger Hunt

I tried to do a lot of races that were an “experience” of some kind such as the Color and Glow Run and the Warrior Dash. And for some reason, I almost exclusively did 5Ks this race season. Only two of my twelves races weren’t 5Ks (#4 and #12).

That will definitely change next race season as that one is all about distance. Wish me luck.

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