The Urban Chicken Scavenger Hunt

This race was quite expensive, but thanks to a deal, it was affordable.

The swag bags were very sad, but they contained a water bottle, and we got a t-shirt.

My team was named The Bad Chics. We had chicken hats and made chicken feet.


The way it works was as a team we sought out to solve 12 clues. We had to take a picture at very clue, and the whole team had to be in it.

The most evil stations had us working out. One station required us to do 10 push-ups, and another had us doing yoga poses. The most notable clue was a house that Ty Pennington built on Extreme Home Makeover for a family whose house was destroyed by a plane.

When finished, we crossed the finish line, received our time ticket, and had our photos checked to confirm we actually finished.

First of all, it was horribly hot. There was very little shade through the majority of the search. Also, it would’ve been much more fun in a place we were more familiar with.

With the help of other groups, townspeople, business owners, the postman, a map, and our phones, we finished in 2 hours and 50 minutes. The winning team clocked in at an hour and fifteen. When all was said and done, we ran 5.5 miles. I haven’t run that much since some time in December, and I am so sore.

Post race, there was fruit. We also got a free alcoholic beverage, and there was a costume contest and a live band.

I’m not opposed to doing a scavenger hunt again, but a couple things will have to be true. 1- I have to be in a place I know better. 2- It cannot be in such hot murderous weather.


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