4 5Ks

The end of my race season was inundated with 5Ks. I signed up for a bunch out of excitement for the PR, but by the time I got to these, I was bored with the 5K race. From February to April, I was annoyed that I had to keep waking up early for these, but I managed to do them.

1. Roll & Roll Half Marathon & 5K (29:05)
This organization decided to add the 5k (the mini marathon as they called it) pretty close to the date of the race. I signed up with the amazing sale price.

Packets had to be picked up during the expo the two days before the race. The expo was on the field at the Tampa Bay Rays stadium which was pretty cool. I only managed four hours of sleep before the race, so I felt like crud while I ran it.

Race Day:
The 5K started first. I struggled pretty hard to keep my race pace. This one didn’t loop back around, so essentially I ran 3 miles away from car. I slowed down a lot mile 2, but my friends were at mile 2.5 setting up a cheer station for the half marathon and started yelling at me because they knew I could run faster. So, I did.

Closing Thoughts:
I had to walk 2.3 miles back to my car. The other option was paying $15 for parking and the shuttle back. That was a rip off to me until I had to walk back to my car. The medal was quite underwhelming.


At the end of the race, I got chocolate milk, water, Gatorade, strawberries, and a banana. If I wanted, I could’ve also gotten beer, bagels, and various nutritional bars. So on the food front, this race was great. Everything else was meh.

Gasparilla Race Weekend (30:47)
On Saturday, there’s a 5k and a 15k. On Sunday, there’s a half marathon and an 8k. Originally, I was going to do the challenge that did the Saturday races and the half marathon, but I got so burned out training for my half that I only signed up for the 5k.

Packets had to be picked during the expo which went on Friday and Saturday at the Tampa Convention Center. I got so many freebies, but I also bought a headband and a handheld phone holder for while I run; no more Ziploc baggie for me.

Race Day:
It was disgustingly hot and was such a cluster eff. There was not one point in the race where I wasn’t running in a thick crowd of people. Very early on, I knew I couldn’t PR because I couldn’t get far enough ahead of the crowd, so I slowed down and ran it with a buddy from one of my run clubs and pushed her.

Closing Thoughts:
The medal was alright.


I only got water and a banana. The other free stuff required walking to the race festival after. I did spend the rest of the afternoon as well as Sunday morning and afternoon cheering for the other races which was fun.

Next year, I am thinking I have to do the challenge that does all 4 races, but that heat situation was really awful.

3. Tampa Bay Corporate 5K (30:28)
This was a Thursday night race, and I signed up for it a week prior because it was comped through one of my ambassadorships. It is a team event that people run with their colleagues. I ran it with a running store I’m an ambassador for.

I did this with a friend, and she picked up our packets. All that came in the bag were the t-shirts. This was literally the worst swag bag I have ever received, but this car sticker was in it:


Race Day:
This race was in downtown Tampa. The park where it started was beautiful, but the neighborhood we ran through was a bit of a mess. It was disgustingly hot, and there was a really rough bridge that we went over before the first mile ended. Then came back over it at the start if mile 2. It was awful, but only because of the heat.

Closing Thoughts:
There was free beer and wine post-race which was awesome. The snacks were laid out on an unmanned table so that was a hot mess. I did thoroughly enjoy how melty the chocolate chip cookies were. There was no medal, and my size medium t-shirt was from Baby Gap. If this race had cost me money, I’d be really upset about its general jankiness. But it was free, so no complaints.

4. Iron Girl Half Marathon & 5K(32:20)
This race is similar to the Women’s Half Marathon in that it was only women running.

Packets had to be picked during the expo. I didn’t go to avoid spending money like I did at the Rock & Roll expo, so a friend picked it up.

Race Day:
As a Clearwater race, it was incline central. Going over the bridge towards the beach and back was beautiful though. The bridges were very steady inclines, so they weren’t terrible. Difficult, but doable. I knew I couldn’t PR, so again I kept pace with a friend which I think helped make the bridge portion so manageable.

Closing Thoughts:
Between the medal and the free pancake breakfast after, this race made me happy. I may have interest in it next year.


Finally. Done with my 5Ks. At least for this season.

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