Warrior Dash Florida

This is officially my favorite race, surpassing #5 from this list.

Sprinkled into a 3.3 mile race were amazing obstacles. I can safely say had I done this race last year, it would not have been as much fun. I’m not by any means strong, but I do have some upper body strength that served me well. The obstacles were not the hardest part; I think running in deep loose sand was difficult. It was a nice butt workout for sure.

I did all but one obstacle. It was through a “pond” that required wading through water, climbing over a large floating obstacle, then wade, then climb, then wade, then climb, then wade out of the water and back onto the land. The volunteers were shouting that if you couldn’t swim not to do it, so I went around it and waited for my friend to go through it. As I watched the participants struggle through it, I was jealous and decided I definitely could’ve done it.

At the fourth to last obstacle, we waited for over fifteen minutes in line to do it. As we waited, we both decided we were DEFINITELY doing the Warrior Dash again somewhere. I think this obstacle was supposed to be the hardest one, but I didn’t think it was that bad. It mostly required climbing four attached mountain-like structures and thinking of how to get across to the next panel without breaking your neck. I finished it pretty quickly which was quite empowering.

Before this obstacle, we had barely gotten muddy, though we got very wet. After this obstacle, we had to roll through a mud pit and avoid really low barbed wire so muddiness ensued.


The last challenge was to jump over fire after which we got our medals which are also bottle openers.


When the race was over, timed chips could be exchanged for a free beer which was nice. And runners could donate their shoes to charity and get a free pair of flips flops:


Next time, I am going to actually have a costume; not one with a hat however because that will be lost very quickly.

If you decide to participate in this AMAZING race:

  • Pre-sign the waiver by downloading and printing it from the website.
  • Bring baby wipes. A great friend of mine warned me about this, and she was right.
  • Make sure Google maps is actually taking you to the ranch which is on a county road, not a random street in town. We thought we made it, but were actually half an hour away from our destination.

H, out.

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One Response to Warrior Dash Florida

  1. bke161 says:

    I’m doing my first Warrior Dash in two months and this post has helped amp me up for it! Very cool medal.

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