The Glow Run 5K

The Glow Run 5K was almost exactly like the Color Run. Thankfully, it wasn’t as expensive.

Like the Color Run, there were thousands there, no timing chips, and we were started in waves. The swag bags were nothing to write home about except that they contained more glow stuff.

The only water station was over two miles in which is ridiculous on a hot (winter!) day in Florida. I wasn’t running my hardest by any stretch of the imagination, but I really needed water (which runners pass after 1.5 miles, but are not allowed to partake in till the turn around…) and wasn’t getting it!

After the participants crossed the finish line, there were volunteers haphazardly handing out water bottles and granola bars. It was such a mess and not everyone got water.

There was a huge stage with a DJ and a ridiculous dance contest happening. There was a photo booth with glow lights; the line for said booth was unreasonably long. They announced that there was free beer in the beer garden, but they were out within half an hour.

Post race, there were no bananas or snacks (well, accept for the granola bar) or food.

I would be really pissed off about a lot of these things especially the lack of bananas, but we got a REALLY nice medal. I’m assuming the money they spent on medals made it so other parts of the race were lacking.


Will I do it next year? Probably not, but I did have fun.

H, out.

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One Response to The Glow Run 5K

  1. tacotoosday says:

    I get so angry about not having bananas post-race. I am also still VERY upset at how poorly run the Color Run New England was. No bananas, no water, just long hot lines. Ooooh, I’m all worked up again!

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