The Color Run

So, today I ran the Color Run with some friends from one of my run clubs.


I have started being a runner who picks up the packet early. This is a recent development, but it makes life easier. At this race, there were so many thousands of people that I’m glad I picked mine up early.

Near the start line was the race festival. There was a giant stage, and a DJ playing music. He played “The Wobble,” which of course we started doing, and were joined by quite a few other women. There was quite a bit happening at the expo/festival thing. I tasted a caffeinated beverage called Nawgan that I hated.

They start people in waves that go every five or so minutes. We were in the fourth. While we waited for the start, there was a man hyping up the crowd throwing lots of race swag. I almost got a pair of sunglasses, but was beaten to it by a teen.

Throughout the 5K distance, there were four stops where they threw the color powder. We were doused in pink, yellow, orange, and blue. One color-throwing volunteer at the orange station was quite violent about it. Her scowl as she flung the color was quite scary!

I wasn’t taking this race seriously, and we ran/walked it, mostly walking. I finished in almost 50 minutes. I found that most people were relaxing, and very few people really ran. However, inbetween color stations, we would start to get bored of the walking and run for a stretch. Between the color stations seemed to stretch for an infinity. Considering the while thing was about color, those parts got a bit boring.

There was one drink station which felt unnecessary since I didn’t really run it. And at the end, they gave a water bottle and a granola bar which seemed rather stingy considering the $50 entry fee.

When the race is all over, participants are supposed to go the stage at the festival. The DJ counts down, and everyone releases their bag of color powder which were different colors than what was thrown during the race. We released ours after the finish line because that crowd by the DJ was pretty serious.

In the end, I would say the Color Run is worth doing once. We got a white sweat band, bandana, and t-shirt. We had a great time, but I think the entry fee has more to do with the Color Run brand then what it actually costs to put that run on.

H, out.

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