Florida Holiday Halfathon

So, this morning I ran the Florida Holiday Halfathon.


I was not feeling great about this race because I became bored with distance running. I didn’t take the training anywhere near as seriously as I did with the half I ran in March. My training only included three long runs (9.3 miles on 10/27, 10 miles on 11/3, and 12 miles on 11/19). I did 6.2 mile runs twice weekly, and I haven’t done anything over 4.8 in three weeks. As such, I was a bit worried.

My original plan was to run/walk it with a friend from one of my run clubs. After mile one, I decided to scrap that plan and just get the same time or better than my March half where I got a 2:35. At mile 8, I decided I was going to get in in less than 2:30.

The course was pretty good. At mile five, there was a sign that said, “Your beer says hurry. It’s getting warm.” There were three pretty serious inclines going over bridges, two of which were Pinellas Trail bridges of death. At 12 miles, there was .7 miles of running on sand which sucked ass.

At mile 4, I went to take one of my mocha Clif Shots only to discover that they were gone. They’d come detached from my iRun belt. I was saved by the orange slices that appeared at all the drink stations near mile 6 otherwise I would have died!

While running, I got several comments about my Vibrams as runners passed me. At the end, a guy couldn’t believe I ran the whole thing in them. And I saw the skinniest human I have ever seen in my life. She was an older lady and was cancer-patient or starving-African-child thin. I saw so many bones I never knew existed.

I had two of the best cheerleaders a girl could ask for- my cheesecake loving best friend from college and a new friend from one of my running groups. They appeared on various spots throughout the course to cheer me and others on.

The differences between my first half and this were many. For one, this time I took advantage of the food and beer post race. Last race, I couldn’t even look at food for hours.


This time, I changed after the race into dry clothes. I didn’t last time and had welts all over. They were around my back to my front (I looked like a rag doll), waist, shoulders, under my butt cheeks, and undewear line. Today, I have some on my back where my sports bra clips, under my boobs, and a tiny one on my right inner thigh. MUCH better than last time, but just as painful. I really need to remember to use Body Glide.

Anyhow, when all is said and done, I finished 8.5 minutes faster than last time. Not too shabby.


H, out.

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