Lady Speed Stick Half Marathon & 5K

So, I only did the 5K.

I hadn’t planned on doing this, so I registered really late. I was lovingly pressured into it. It was $40 for a damn 5K, but we did get a medal, so sort of worth it.


I carbo loaded all day with a giant breakfast of eggs Benedict, toast, and roasted potatoes.


For dinner, I had 4 different kinds of pasta and some more bread. One of the restaurants downtown had a pasta bar for racers. It was $12 for pasta and a salad. While I enjoyed it, one of the women I ate with hated the pasta. There’s a good chance I was just insanely hungry because I hadn’t eaten since brunch.


I could not sleep to save my life. I never can the day before a race. It’s on and off all night, but last night was worse than ever because my neighbors were out of control. Some woman was shouting “Get away from me! How could you do this to me?” in and out of her apartment till 3A.

Race Day:
We got there early and parked on the street. Considering the amount of people downtown for the race that was a miracle.

The 5K runners had to line up in the 6th corral and wait for the half to start. After the pledge of allegiance, the races started.


Overall, this race was run quite well. Very organized, lots of swag, great medal, comfortable and cute t-shirt. And best of all, I PRed!


The difference between my first 5K ever and today blow my mind. I love running.

H, out.

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