Racism is Cool

So, I hung out with a friend last night. She lives on the beach, and we ventured to a divey beach bar. We were 2 of 3 black people there. The other one was a random dude.

The first racist thing that happened was this really old drunk white guy told my friend and I that we should move to Atlanta. Why? So we could find black husbands. My friend said, “What if I want a Hispanic husband?” He said, “I know what I’ve seen.”

Later, he asked if my friend, the other black person, and I were in a singing group together. I don’t even know what to make of that one.

And finally, as my friend and I walked back to her place, we spotted a cop car. I always get overcome with the bad variety of butterflies when I see cop cars, and this man did nothing to help the fear. As we turned down a quiet street, he drove toward us. And this conversation happened:

Cop: Do you ladies live around here?

I give him an incredulous look.

Friend: (in the most pleasant voice possible) Yes sir, we do.

Cop: In the apartments down there?

My look changes to bewilderment because of his presumption that we could only possibly afford the apartments.

Friend: (voice still pleasant) Yes sir, right down the road.

We were not even remotely sloppy. We were being quiet and respectful and just walking home. What the hell dude?

I’m glad she handled it because my reaction alone would’ve gotten us arrested.

H, out.

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