Boston For Free

So, now that I’m single, I have had to curtail my spending habits quite severely. When I first moved, I had a ticket booked to New Hampshire for a friend’s wedding that I had to cancel because I absolutely positively couldn’t afford the trip. I was really sad, but in the end, it was for the best.

I changed my flight to go this weekend, and I was going to cancel it again due to poverty, but could not for various reasons. So, I kept calm and carried on with the trip. I messaged my friends and told the ladies this trip would have to be mega-cheap. Luckily I’ve done Boston before, so I didn’t have to be sad about missing out on Fenway, etc.

In the end, the trip cost me $87 which I’d say isn’t too bad. Most of that was spent eating, drinking, traveling to, and parking at the airport. Of course, I had free breakfast and lodging because of my amazing friends, so that certainly helped.

This website helped us to enjoy some Boston freebies:

1. Sam Adams Brewery

We got a free tour, a free commemorative glass, and 3 free drinks. The downside was that our tour guide was one of the most annoying human beings I have ever met.

2. The USS Consitution

While I’m not really a history buff, seeing the oldest navy ship in the world to still be afloat is pretty cool. If you’re claustrophobic, do not follow the tour to the lowest level. We had to get the hell out of that level quickly, and I wouldn’t technically classify myself as claustrophobic, but my heart was racing down there because of the low ceilings, strange stench, and A LOT of people in a tiny space.

3. Bunker Hill

It was absolutely beautiful up there, and looking out at the city was amazing. Truthfully, what I wanted to do most was take a nap on the lawn. It was so quiet and peaceful up there, it was all I could think about!

It was a successful (and cheap) trip. I learned how to make sushi, was reminded how amazing I am at Scrabble, and got to see some great friends and finally meet their loved ones. All in all, good stuff, except for the man next to me playing with his snot on my plane ride home.

H, out.

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