CNN Profiling

So, every morning I watch the videos attached to the news stories on CNN. There are shorts ads at the start and finish of the news clips. I never have enough time to get past the Politics section.

Today, I got to the Entertainment section, and I noticed a big difference in the advertisements.

In the other sections, the ads were for companies like IBM or an industrial train line. And some of the ads were medical ones for some kind of lady cancer.

When I got to the Entertainment section that had stories like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart getting back together, there was only one ad and one as alone. It played before and after every single story in the Entertainment section.

It was an ad for free layaway at K-mart.

Now I don’t know if these ads play for any person using the CNN app or if it’s somehow geared towards that particular iPhone user, but either way that sort of profiling is just plain rude.

H, out.

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