So, I have an alter ego called Shaniqua who comes out only to get my way in customer service situations where I really am in the right or I know the people can work with me. Shaniqua is crazy.

This morning I got a coffee from Dunkin Donuts because I had a 99 cents coupon. The total came to $1.06. I gave the cashier $1.11 so I could have a nickel as change. She hands me 4 cents.

I held the 4 useless pennies in my hand for a minute and then looked at the cashier for a while with dead eyes. I played the scenario through in my mind and knew that Shaniqua was going to erupt from the back of my mind if I pursued this course of action.

It’s not that I was mad at being given a penny less than I was owed; it’s that I now have 4 more pennies, and all I wanted was a nickel. I hate pennies.

But I stopped myself from fighting it. And if y’all know me and have ever met Shaniqua, you should be really damn proud.

H, out.

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