UNCF Walk for Education

So, this 5K was free, like the mess I ran two weeks ago. I ran it because a lady that works for State Farm needed people to run for them since they donated a bunch of money, so it wasn’t technically free.

It was considerably better organized than the Run for the Fallen. Of course, it was a whole lot smaller. There were definitely less than 100 people.

I ran it with a few women from BGR, and we all placed first in our age group. While getting a medal is always exciting, I can’t get too cocky. There was one other chic in my age group, and she came in second 35 minutes after I did.

As the name suggests, it was primarily a 5K walk, and as such, most of the people there walked. The course was two loops; one loop was 2 miles, and the other was 1. A lot of the people came through the first loop and thought they were done. When the volunteers pointed and said there was another loop, a pretty sad number of people just gave up altogether… on walking… 3.1 miles.

It was nice to see people from the black community coming out on a Saturday to be active considering the rampant obesity problem among blacks in the US. But it was sad how many of the walkers gave up.

We were great advertisements for BGR between our shirts and the fact that we all medaled, and we had some interested women ask about the organization.


So, I suppose that’s a good sign for at least that crowd’s future steps to a healthier lifestyle.

H, out.

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