Run for the Fallen

So, I ran a 5K that was a disaster. It was a memorial run for fallen soldiers, but despite the good cause, I will never run it again.


I’m now going to whine and moan.

I should’ve known it would be a mess because when I to went to get my packet, I wasn’t on file. I was definitely one of the first people to register. I had my registration proof and all the email updates from the race director, but no cigar. I had to re-register.

There were more than 2,000 people running the race, but 4 port-o-Johns. I stood in line for 35 minutes to potty.

The race was supposed to start at 9AM, but started at 10AM. We couldn’t hear any of the opening ceremony because there was eh speaker for the loudspeaker for all of us to hear the instructions.

The group of 2,000 people had to walk a long time to get to the 5K start (there’s a good chance the inaudible instructions warned us of this). It was such a long walk that the majority of the crowd was confused about whether or not the race had already started, and some people actually started running.

When it did start, the first .3 miles of it were down a narrow path that reduced the crowd to walking or forgoing the path for the road. Of course that was a mess too because no roads were blocked off for the race. Since most of us chose to run on the road to avoid trampling people, we murdered the traffic in town. I didn’t choose the road till lap 2, and such, my ankles and feet are destroyed by fire ants.

The water stations were set back from the road (on sidewalks) because they thought 2,000 people were going to run on a sidewalk together. I watched the volunteers at the water stations chuck water bottles to other volunteers standing closer to the road where the running was happening. Some of those bottles hit runners.

Speaking of drink stations, there were no mini cups. And nothing is more comfortable during a 5K than carrying a plastic water bottle. And nothing quite hits the spot during a horrifically humid run as well as a warm bottle of water.

Added to all of this, it was humid as hell.

I recognize this entire post to be first world problems especially when I admit that the race was free. But damn. Charge us all $20 and let us run a proper race.

H, out.

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One Response to Run for the Fallen

  1. nezy2049 says:

    Hahaha… I know I wasn’t supposed to find this humorous, but I laughed throughout. I could actually picture myself as you going through this ordeal. Maybe they’ll get their act together for next year.

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