Vision Board

So, the plan this year is to:

  • take the GRE (maybe more than once)
  • apply to 4 or so graduate schools (and get accepted to one)

And for 2013

  • do a “triathlon” (I use that term extremely loosely for the one I’m doing)
  • run a marathon

As for the GRE, this studying is kicking my ass, so I’m not hopeful about how I will do. We’ll see.

As for grad school, I did make a decision. If I can get accepted into a school, awesome. If I can get accepted into a school AND receive a lot of money that I don’t have to pay back, even better. In this case, I will go to full time. If I can get accepted into a school, but get no financial aid that I don’t have to pay back, I will most likely go (I dare say it) part time. I really do not want to do part time, but I I’m not wanting to go into crazy debt over school. I see it all around, so I guess being in debt over grad school is a thing people do. But I don’t want to do it.

And the fitness. I want to run the Frozen Floridian which is not really a triathlon, but I can’t swim to save my life. So in that respect, it’ll be a huge feat. But as far as what it actually is, it’s hardly a tri. It’s a 400m swim in a heated swimming pool, 45 minute break, 8+ mile bike ride, 45 minute break, and finally a 2+ mile run. Crazy right? Not so much, but training for that will be interesting. Hopefully, I won’t drown.

And the marathon. After all these races, it seems like the next step. Pretty sure I will die during it or during training. I’m going to fly to Indiana (assuming I don’t move back) and do the Monumental.

So, 4 goals in 1 year and 6 months. Totally attainable. We shall see.

H, out.

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2 Responses to Vision Board

  1. The marathon is very attainable, just keep putting one foot in front of the other! 😀

  2. Sarry Lellers says:

    Goal-oriented people find ways.
    Don’t waste a heartbeat.
    Get excited about what you’re doing.
    Every day is a great day !

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