So, these are my new stressers while being in Alabama this summer. You may find that one has nothing to actually do with this state: The Zombie Apocalypse, rabies, chiggers, ticks, poisonous snakes and spiders, bees, poison ivy and oak, fire ants, and scorpions.

I am told the only thing I’ll probably actually come into contact with are chiggers. Or snakes if I take the trails at night.

In my attempts to not have nightmares about these things, I’ll focus on the new experiences I’ve had. Firstly, I had grits for the first time ever today. Turns out, it’s just cornmeal which I’ve definitely had before and hate. Secondly, I saw an armadillo, which was exciting till someone told me they carry leprosy.


I will also get to shoot a gun and go fishing for the first time. That’ll be fun… or horrible.

H, out.

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One Response to ‘Bama

  1. nezy2049 says:

    I promise I took something from this post other than you getting to fire a weapon, lol, but I have to ask: What type? Glad you’re enjoying yourself. Did you see people putting weird ish on their grits? I usually just put butter, salt, and a bit of sugar, but I’ve seen hot sauce and ketchup.

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