So, I ran a 5K today making it my fifth 5K in 11 months.

In this last year, I’ve also run two 10Ks, one marathon relay with a 4-person team, a quarter marathon, and a mini marathon. You may say I’m obsessed with racing.

Since I’ll be taking a break from running races till it cools down, I was reminiscing about my humble beginnings into distance running. My first run was January 30, 2011, and I was averaging 16 minute miles then.

I’m still incredibly slow compared to most people out there, but I’ve significantly improved my times. The biggest jump in time came with my Vibram Five Fingers and lifting. I may not have the most impressive times, but I’m proud of the strides I’ve made this last year.


The most fun race I did was the quarter marathon race because it was at night through the woods in the dead of winter. I was caked in mud by the end. I also loved the Santa Hustle because running with a over a thousand people in Santa garb is ridiculous. I felt the most confident at my second 10K and fourth 5K.

10 races and 25 pounds later, I say with confidence that running changed my life in more ways than I could possibly explain. But I can say, It gave me confidence, and I have no intentions of ever going back to the way I was.

H, out.

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