Browser ABCs

So one of the blogs on my RSS Feed, Avitable did this, and it seemed like fun. As it turns out, my browser history is a super lame, and I shouldn’t even post this. Maybe it’ll introduce you to a site you’ll love. Probably not.

A-AT&TWhile I hate giving them money, without them, I wouldn’t be able to GPS plot my runs or heavily stalk people on various social media websites. And all that other stuff phones be good for.

B-Bay District SchoolsPart of my ongoing work search for next school year…


D- Discover

E- EbayI have bought one thing ever (maybe two things) on Ebay. I don’t think this is on here because of me.


G- Gmail

H- HBO GoGotta get my True Blood and Game of Thrones fix


J- Journal & CourierThe local paper… that I don’t read, but used to write for

K- Kelly TiresI’ve never been to this site ever

L- LinkedIn: I should probably visit my page and update stuffs and things.

M- Purdue email: This is another page that isn’t here because of me. I think I actually graduated before I had this computer, so I’ll blame one of my friends who are still at Purdue.

N- NetflixJust finished Downton Abbey, onto Sherlock now. British shows are amazing.

O- Orchard Bank

P- PurdueMy alma mater. Love it.

Q- The only thing that came up was a random link to an email

R- Robindel: I go to this site often while filling out applications for the contact information. I loved my time there, but I do not go to it for any other purpose. I swear I’m not still stuck on my camp years.

S- ShelfariIf you like reading, JOIN THIS!

T- Teach in FloridaPart of my work search for next school year

U- UnemploymentAn unenjoyable time in my life where I had to log my weekly work search so that I could live off of the government. (See 1, 2, and 3.)

V- The only thing that came up was a random link to an email

W- Weight WatchersThe first time I lost a nice chunk of weight in 2009 was with Weight Watchers.

X- The only thing that came up was a random link to an email

Y-YoutubeThis was the second most viewed site under Y…

Z- The only thing that came up was a random link to an email

H, out.

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One Response to Browser ABCs

  1. actingblack says:

    Those bastards @OrchardBank.

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