Vibram Five Fingers & My Butt

So, I have been running quite a bit this last year. During the course  of my year spent being obsessed with running, I read the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.

In that book, the benefits of barefoot running are discussed. I was really drawn to it because I’d been having some knee problems. Knee bands helped; compression socks worked even better, but my knees still hurt. When I switched from my New Balance tennis shoes to Vibram Five Fingers, the knee pain completely disappeared. I have an ankle pain I’ve been dealing with for some time, and the pain of that lessened A LOT when I switched to the VVFs.

Another benefit of the VVFs is that they completely transform my running style. Really all they do is allow your feet to run in a manner that you are genetically/biologically/evolutionarily/naturally inclined to do. Running shoes make us run in a way that is not natural which often leads to the many injuries runners deal with. Another benefit of the VVFs is these seriously rockin’ calf muscles I’ve been enjoying as of late.

Anyway, blah blah. Today, I went for a really short run, but had temporarily misplaced my VVFs so I ran in the New Balance tennis shoes. It might have been a 15 minute run, maybe 20, and I had to stop. I felt like I had two boats attached to the bottom of my feet. My shins are destroyed. MY ANKLE KILLS.All that sucks, but I noticed the most interest thing today…

You see, I have a gigantic booty, and today while running in normal running shoes, I could feel my booty jiggling like woah. I felt every ripple of my bootlyicious glory as I ran in the New Balance shoes. I haven’t felt it in a while, and I thought it was because of all the weight I lost. But no! It’s the running form!

I still remain floored by how  different  my running style is between the New Balance and my VVFs. In the end, the freedom and naturalness of the VVFs wins every time.

H, out.

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5 Responses to Vibram Five Fingers & My Butt

  1. claire says:

    I am so interested in your writing and the story is so beautiful. I like it very much.Thank you for sharing it. Now I want to share some fashionable 5 finger shoes, too. Hope you will like it.

  2. Wes says:

    Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhereI

    Glad you’re enjoying your shoes. I’ve seen a lot of people wearing them here on base, but have never committed to sinking the money into them. Plus, they’re not allowed at deployed locations, so I’d have to switch back. Anyways, you’re an inspiration to me. Believe it or not, when I feel like stopping sometimes I ask myself, “What would Hill think?” I’m not sure what your overall goals are, but you are looking and sounding great. I can’t wait to see you next!

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