Why I Loved Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

(So, I do read the books and have read this one a million times, but I’m talking strictly about the movie.)

1. I love the score in this movie, and it gets no credit at all. The scene where Harry thinks he’s marching to his death? The scene where we watch Snape’s past and watch him hold on to his love Lilly? Scenes like this and so many others were so enhanced by the amazing music that slinked its way into our ears and moved us without us knowing it was happening.

2. I loved Professor McGonagall. She is best described as uptight, but still you like her. I started to really like her in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but in this movie, I came to love her. I loved when she stepped in front of Harry to protect him from Snape. I loved when she banished the Slytherins to the basement and called on the faculty and students to take up arms against the Death Eaters. I loved when she said, “I’ve always wanted to use that spell” with the excitement of a school girl after she brought the stone knights to life.

3. I love that Harry Potter never throws a killing curse at Voldemort and still kicks his ass.

4. I love the scene where Snape was holding Lilly. While it was incredibly sad, it really spoke to his undying love for this woman even though she chose a different man.

5. In fact, I loved everything about Snape in this movie. Alan Rickman’s portrayal was absolutely amazing (and always has been), but in this movie, he is absolutely on point. It’s even cooler to know that J.K. Rowling told him after the second movie (or was it the third?) the truth about Snape – that he loved Lilly, that he was going to kill Dumbledore, and that he was a key player in bringing down Voldemort.

6. I loved that the Malfoys, who we hate for so many different reasons, played huge roles in keeping Harry alive during this battle. Draco pretends not to recognize him at Malfoy Manor, and Narcissa pretends like he’s still alive in the forest.

7. I absolutely loved that Voldemort could feel every time a horcrux was destroyed, and I loved his humanity. He wasn’t as scary to me this time because it was clear that he was just a frightened man with inane dreams about immortality.

8. I loved the IMAX and 3D experience, and I’m never watching a movie in 3D again unless it’s in IMAX.

9. I loved that Bellatrix, Nagini, and Voldemort all had similar deaths. These three have taken so much from us throughout the series- Sirius, Snape, Cedric, Lilly, James, the Longbottoms. In death, they exploded into tiny particles that were spread around, as if to say they weren’t worth the space their corpses would’ve taken up.

In short, I loved this movie.

H, out.

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One Response to Why I Loved Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    I completely agree with you. Its because of those characters that the final film was epic.

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