Dear Diary

So, my parents dropped off boxes of crap that I’ve been storing in their basement. I found a couple old diaries (one from 8th/9th grade and one that spans 11th/12th grade I think) through which I am reading. Most of it is drivel, but some of it is entertaining.

There are a couple of surprisingly insightful passages:
7/26/98: “When I said, ‘I wish I could have boyfriend,’ I don’t know what I was thinkin. I don’t really wish that.  Boys can really change a girl. My friend Jennifer is a b-otch whenever she has guys. My ex-friend Marquita became a slut. Girls have sex and some get pregnant or when they break up w/ a guy, rumors spread about them. So I think I like the way I am. Except I wouldn’t mind getting rid of my blackheads.”

2/12/00: “I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Friday nightish-Saturday morningish. That book was awesome. I couldn’t put it down. Now I need the next one in the series.”

Sometime in HS: “Sex is bad. That’s what grown folk say. So if it’s so damn bad why do grown folk do it so much? B/c they’re older? More mature? If they’re so mature why do they divorce and marry for the wrong reason? Virginity is a precious thing they say. Why do so many people just throw it away? Should I wait? Or should I give in and do. What if I’m in love? Love. That’s funny. High schoolers dunno what love is. I wish I knew that way I wouldn’t waste time with the wrong person.”

And these were just funny”
8/6/98: “I’m doing this ISTEP head start thing at school. But, I think I’m a little smart for that. Because the people in my class were kinda dumb.”

8/14/98: “My assistant principal, Mrs. Threat, is as black as space.”

H, out.

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