My Musical Obsessions

So, here are my top 10 most played songs on my iPhone.

The difference between what’s on my iPhone and my iPod Classic is that it’s almost exclusively loaded with music to which you can dance. I’m going to do one of these about my iPod Classic soon because that thing is full of the most schizophrenic stuff known to man, and I want to know if pop will still reign supreme in the land of Hillary’s Favorite Music.

#10: Lady Gaga and I got off to an extremely rough start. I HATED Gaga, but for no other reason than because of often she was played on the radio. There was a year long period of time where I couldn’t listen to the two local pop stations because each of them played some Gaga song at least once or twice an hour. It seemed like all I ever heard was Gaga, and it drove me insane. My sister managed to change my mind with the song “Just Dance” (790 plays since 1/25/09). This song actually got me in trouble a few times. I’d be tired, headed home to go nap from work, and this song would come on, and I would absolutely have to go out and party.

#9: The thing about songs that I love is that they excite me. Even if the song is truly junk, I can feel endorphins rushing to my head. I can feel the absolute excitement about hearing the song which is why this one surprises me because, while I like Beyonce’s “Diva,” I don’t really know that I have any kind of partiality to it that warrants 806 plays since 1/25/09.

#8: Cee Lo Green’s “F*ck You” comes in at 8 with 899 plays since 10/31/10. I really love this song.  The message is one we can all definitely relate to, but it’s also just a fun, fun song.

#7: The first time I heard this song I was at the Neon Cactus. I hadn’t been partying too hard for a while and hadn’t really been listening to pop music. I was “growing up” as it were. (If you know me, you know the trend has recently reversed…) Anyhow, I remember my friend and I were absolutely disgusted by this song. I’d say that after 906 plays of “Shots” by LMFAO since 6/24/10, I  seem to have gotten over my disgust for this insanely cracked-out song. This is always my first song when I do a 3 or more mile run because it pumps me up.

#6: Like I said about #10, it took me a while to come to liking Lady Gaga. The one Gaga song with which I am truly obsessed  is “Telephone,” most likely because it features Beyonce, but this song is so catchy, and I love dancing to it. Since 12/26/10, this song has been played 1147 times (many of the plays were in my classroom at work while MC and I jammed to it).

#5: I am an avid JLo fan. She will never be what she was during the On the 6 era. All her movies suck (even Enough if we’re being honest), but I loves me some JLo. So, I was excited about “On the Floor” which is another one of those songs that are easier to like if you mostly ignore the lyrics, but this one was played 1167 since 3/17/2011. That’s right; I’ve only had this song for less than 4 months.

#4: I really don’t care for this song that much, but maybe I did. I mean, it’s a fun song, but not that fun. But Shakira’s “Give it Up to Me” is number 4 with 1228 plays since 12/12/09.

#3: I have to say that I am quite ashamed that this song makes the cut. When it first came out, I HATED it a lot, but it grew on me. I danced to it shamelessly even though I knew that it was kind of steaming pile of sh*t.  But, Kesha’s “Tik Tok” does clock in at 1365 plays after I downloaded it on 2/7/2010.

#2: My second most played song at 1597 plays is “Imma Be” by Black Eyed Peas. I was OBSESSED with this song which I downloaded on 5/21/09 way before it ever played on the radio. I remember that the radio playing it only renewed my love for the song, and recently the Hangover Part II has made me like it all over again. It’s not the most amazingly written song (in fact, like all BEP songs, its lyrics are basically garbage), but I love the beat.

#1: My most played song is “All of the Lights” by Kanye West. I love every single song Kanye has ever written. Though insane, the man is a genius. Since I first downloaded the album on 11/26/10, I have played it 1827 times, and I am not even remotely tired of hearing this song. I really think it might be my favorite song of all time.

You should really plug your iPod into iTunes and check out your top 10 songs. Gave me some fun memories, and I want to know!

H, out.

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