So, the first day of my training class was filled mostly with icebreakers. These people have to get to know eachother since they’re going to be trapped in a room together for 8 hours a day.

One particular icebreaker had Skittle colors determining which answer the trainee had to answer, and it seemed like a good idea in theory. However, I soon discovered that after knowing each other for less than two hours, perhaps this icebreaker was brought about too soon.

Opinions are opinions. We’ve all got them, but below are some examples of the opinions we would normally keep to ourselves during the “Honeymoon” stage.

1. What color represents love and why?
“Red represents love because it’s the color of the blood Jesus shed for us when he died for our sins.”

2. If you were president, which one policy would you change?
“I would make it so people accepting [insert social welfare program here] had to do drug screens because the hard working Americans who pay into their benefits have to get drug tested to get the jobs they have to make their hard earned money.”

“I would legalize marijuana.”

3. If you could do anything without repercussion, what would you do?
“I would kill [insert the name of the yester-president}.”

H, out.

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