Pap Smears & Manners

So, men. You really don’t need to read this.

Whenever I go to the allergist, I admire the adorable drawings made by the appreciative kids. Okay, so the drawings are hideous and made by nerdy, asthmatics, but it’s the thought that counts. Anyhow, it got me thinking about how good those drawings must make the doctor feel. I mean, he hangs them on the wall for all to see, so he must like them.

So ladies, here’s an idea: thank your gynecologist for his/her services with your art skills! Draw a rainbow with writing that says, “Thanks for pap smear! I love being uncomfortable!” or draw a flower and write, “Your thumb is large! But thanks anyway!”

And while we’re changing manners up at the gyno, here’s another idea. What’s the point of the giant napkin we cover the lady parts with? I mean really? The doctor does things to you during the exam that you won’t allow till after a third date. So, who are we kidding? Why are we covering it up (especially since he’s looking at it anyway from the other side of the giant napkin…)?

I say we just birthday suit the exam and be done with this unnecessary pretending. That giant napkin can’t save your vajayjay from the doctor anyway. So ladies, just grin, and bear it!

Just sayin’.

H, out.

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One Response to Pap Smears & Manners

  1. Christie says:

    3rd date? slut… 🙂

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