So, I came here once when I was 16. It was with my family. The younger sibs were 2 and 3, and they were a nightmare. I do remember strolling the streets of Georgetown with my family and absolutely loving this city.

Well, I’m back here for a short visit for the Rally to Restore Sanity. The Rally was a giant cluster eff. It was phenomenal to see so many Americans coming out to support the notion that “we’re all entitled to our own opinions, and we don’t have to be douche bags about getting those opinions across.” But personally, I couldn’t really handle being in a 1 million man throng of people.

I helped my friend who works at WaPo do some video interviews. We walked around the whole shebang, and it was cool to see all the signs and costumes. But, we gave up around the time we found that we were moving through the crowd without really trying to because there were tens of thousands of people behind us pushing us forward. Also, we couldn’t see or hear the stage. So, I finished watching the rally on TV at WaPo.

In other news, we got into a bar last night without paying a cover. I was fighting it because we’d spent $5 an hour earlier to get into the bar next door. (That cover was $10, but I talked it down to $5.) My exchange with the bouncer went something like this:
Me: I just don’t see why we have to pay a cover if you’re only open for another half hour.
Bouncer: Actually, we’re open for another hour.
Me: I’m from Indiana. I don’t understand this cover business (Not entirely true). If I pay a cover, that’s $5 of alcohol I can’t spend inside.
B: Where in Indiana?
WaPo friend: Elkhart
B: Oh, my mom lives in South Bend!

And then, he let us in for free which was cool because normally being from Indiana gets this sort of reaction:

(Scene: In line at a Chicago club)
Girl: Ya’ll are from Indiana?
Me: Yeah, we’re visiting a friend for the weekend.
Girl: Indiana? Like where the KKK is?

H, out.

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