Cat Lady

So, I wasn’t always a cat person. In fact, I was quite allergic to cats up until about 2 years ago. Growing out of that allergy was pretty cool because I could finally have a furry pet that didn’t cost $600 (I could get a hypoallergenic dog for a helluva lot more than I’m willing to pay) and that I wasn’t allergic to! I was also drawn to them because you can go away for a weekend and know that they’ll still be alive and not find defecation all over the house.

I now have 2 cats and no longer believe that all cats are miniature reincarnations of Lucifer sent here to scare little children at night with their creepy glow-in-the-dark eyes. The husband was also against cats, and it took me about a year to convince him to let me have one, and he doesn’t hate them anymore.

This brings me to the point of my post. As we no longer hate cats, we’ve been nice to the cat next door. It’s free to roam in and out of its house, and we give it treats and cat nip sometimes, so we’ve brainwashed it into liking us.

It was fun and games till this little creeper started creeping into our garage whenever the door was open. We often find it a few hours after the garage door’s been closed. This morning, the husband discovered that the cat was trapped in the garage overnight.

He let it out only to discover the gifts left for us– a pile’a poo and a puddle’a pee.

The moral of the story people: don’t be a cat lady because shit is what you get!

H, out.

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One Response to Cat Lady

  1. Rachel says:

    hahahahahahah. wow. and you forgot about how you went all cat lady at walmart for your well behaved angels.

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