First Day O’ Work

So today’s my first day of work. I can’t get past the feeling that this company is a giant scam, and that I don’t really have a job. I’ve had 6 interviews so it was just weird actually being hired after all the let downs.

But I’m not nervous about today. I’m going to take Dwight K. Schrute’s advice and walk up to the biggest dude in there and murder him so I get some street cred.

Wish me luck.

H, out.

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One Response to First Day O’ Work

  1. dave says:

    Kenny “Fuckin” Powers, on playing for a new baseball team:

    Over the course of my career I’ve played on many different teams, some I liked, some I really fuckin’ hated. I’m not mentionin’ any names, but lets just say Seattle can tongue kiss my shithole. The best way to get a new team on your side is to trash the last team you played for. Talk shit about how their fans suck and their women have pancake titties. And if that Doesn’t work, then just like prison, you pick the biggest, baddest, dude on the team and you kick him in his fuckin’ teeth

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