So What I Learned in Defensive Driving School

-To avoid getting a DUI at a roadblock, read the paper so you know where they are.

-Refusing a breathalyzer= 1 year license suspension because having an Indiana driver’s license means they have the right to breathalyze you.

-When you zone out while driving and get somewhere without remembering the drive, it’s called microsleeping.

-Princess Di would still be alive today had she been wearing a seat belt.

-Car wrecks are the leading cause of death for young people; so much so, it’s reached epidemic proportions.

-You’re 4x likely to die during a car wreck if you’re thrown from the car.

-Hold a 8.5×11″ sheet of paper longways between yourself and the the steering wheel. That’s a safe distance between you and the airbag.

-1 in 5 drivers is impaired on weekends between 10PM and 2AM.

-If there’s no traffic, you can be ticketed for not moving over if a cop’s on the road’s shoulder.

-If you’re going 10 miles on a 50MPH road, and you drive 55MPH, you only save 1 minute and 6 seconds.

-Two tickets in 1 year= defensive driving school. Yay!

H, out

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