Bad Customer Service Example

So, there’s these…

“Did you have interest in renting your rental eligible titles.” -me

“What does that involve?” -guy at bookstore

“Um, have you ever rented a movie before?” -me

“Yeah.” -gab

“Well, you could buy the movie at full price or rent it for a lot less, but eventually bring it back.” -me

“I’m not falling for that bullshit.” -gab

“I fail to see the bullshit.” -me

“I’ll forget to bring it back and then you’ll be charging me a bunch of money and…” -gab

“Um, they send you e-mails to remind you, and you’ll get charged the original cost of the book and…” -me

“No, whatever. I’m not falling for this.” -gab

“Dude, this is a bookstore, not a conspiracy.” -me

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3 Responses to Bad Customer Service Example

  1. Bobbi says:

    You need to do standup! LMAO!

  2. MegAnne says:

    Bahahahahahaha. Love this.

    Are you living my dream, working at Barnes & Noble or Borders?

  3. Laura Whitcombe says:

    Perfect! Dave almost fell off the couch laughing at my oral interp of this dialogue.

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