So last night, I had a nightmare.

I was ready to walk down the aisle, but the fiance and all the groomsmen were MIA. I called them, and they were in the fiance’s hometown 1/2 an hour north.  I called him to tell him we had forgotten to buy wedding bands, and I forgot to make place cards for the reception.

While we waited for them to get to wedding, I for some reason was doing my hair myself… while in my dress. I couldn’t get my hair to do anything, and eventually resorted to using clips and athletic head bands to keep it up.

Finally, it was go time. I walked down the aisle which led directly to the head table, and dinner started. My bridesmaids (who are wearing sleeveless, long black dresses on the real day) were in hideous, knee-length, bright red dresses. One of the dresses was white-polka-dotted.

The venue we were in had 2 receptions going on, and the 2 receptions were separated by a thin veil so we could see and hear everything going on next door. Oh, and the head tables of both receptions were conjoined, and the veil was separating them, too.


H, out.

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