Every Day is Saturday

So, I will admit.  My life, thus far, has been easy.

Yes, there were the days when I was the daughter of the single Haitian mom busting her ass to do well by her kids. But really, that was my mum’s struggle.  I knew I did not have as much as everyone else, but I never personally felt the struggle of my mum’s plight. Then we joined forces with a 6’10” white man, and our family became complete.  We went from South Florida to Northern Indiana.  I breezed through secondary school with amazing grades (just like in elementary school), and I had great friends. I went to Purdue on a full ride (by that I mean, Dad paid my ENTIRE way through school… I just had to keep my grades up). I graduated in December 2007 with a 3.6 GPA and got a temporary teaching job in January. That job led to a permanent teaching position in the same corporation.  And my boyfriend of 5 years asked me to be his wife last May.

Maybe it’s not necessarily your idea of a fairytale life, but I’ve watched the American dream unfold throughout my life. Seriously, my mum left Haiti, like other immigrants, to pursue the dream of life, liberty, and happiness.  All of which she attained through hard work (and a thirst for higher education).  Even my father (who could be considered THE MAN by all definitions of the term) worked his butt off to be where he is today.

So I say that I was witness to accomplishing the American dream.

Here I am in the year 2010 thinking I’m going after that dream my parents attained: degree, job, marriage, house, kids. But that’s not really what the dream is anymore for my generation, is it? It seems like our dream is to hold your breath and hope to God someone hires you or whoever’s hired you doesn’t fire you. We are all starving and praying for THE JOB.  We’ve all got these degrees, but no one who wants to hire us or keep us around and pay us a salary.

My easy, fairytale, American-dream life has changed its course it seems.

I filed for unemployment last week, and I feel like every day is Saturday. My house is clean; dinner is always made; I’m taking up gardening, and I’ve lost five pounds because I have had that much time over the course of 11 days to workout.

It’s summer time so maybe it’s supposed to feel like this, but what happens come August when I should be setting up a classroom?

Alas, I continue with a smile on my face. I mean, American education is on a freight train to hell, but it has to come out of the tunnel eventually, yeah?

Sure hope so.

H, out.

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