So, I think it’s finally happened.

Yesterday, I worked out during my 7th period prep with my friend/colleague. Still feeling pumped up, I decided to do some 50m sprints on the street across from my house when I got home.

I took off from my mailbox and headed down the street. I must say, I was feeling pretty good about my speed. I pass the stop sign at the end of the road, and then it happened. My foot crooked down and over-stretched my ankle.

Despite my large thighs, I have creepily small lower legs, especially my ankles. They are quite skinny and look like they belong to a 6-year-old Ethiopian boy.  As such, I was often the victim of ankle-rolling during practices and games. But, I could always keep walking.

Not yesterday.  I rolled my ankle hard (I’ve definitely hurt it worse before), and something changed. I couldn’t just walk it off. I hobbled back down the street to my house.

Today, I am wearing an ankle brace and limping around school. I’ve lost my ability to “brush off” my injuries and keep going.

I want to blame the shoes I was wearing, but I don’t think I can. I think it’s finally happened. I think I’m…gasp


H, out.

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