iLove my iPhone.

So, this iPhone is a thing of beauty.

Today, I filled my prescription at Walgreen’s through an application.  I Googled a pizza place and clicked on the number and a call connected.  I uploaded pictures to Facebook and subsequently tagged people to them.  I added points to my Coke Rewards. I checked out deals on DDR for the Wii on Amazon. I added a new friend on Skype. I learned the word of the day, largess; I also pressed the speaker symbol and learned how to properly pronounce it.  I found out, via the Dunkin Donuts locator, that the nearest DD is 42 miles away from me in Kokomo. I played Hangman and Mad Libs and Would You Rather and did a few word searches. I looked up information about John Krasinksi from The Office. I plugged my phone into my car and rocked out to my Blackeyed Peas station on Pandora. I added a movie to my Netflix queue. I watched a YouTube video on my phone.

This phone is everything I dreamed it would be, and I pined after one for the better part of a year. Those of you who know me know my track record with phones is less than impressive, but there is hope! For only $33, I am insuring my iPhone through State Farm! So, when (I wish I could say if) I break it, I’m covered.

iLove my iPhone.

H, out.

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One Response to iLove my iPhone.

  1. MegAnne says:

    iLove my iPhone too! I’m just saying, if people are given the opportunity to have a comparable smart phone with the carrier of their choice, it’s going to be insane. I’m loyal to my iPhone though, no worries for now.

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