Snow, snow. Go away!

So, there is nothing good about snow.

Today was the first snow of the season.  Like all first snows, it’s slick and surprising and dangerous!

I never once got over 40 on the way to work this morning, and the main road I travel on has a speed limit of 55.  Throughout the whole drive, I was overly cautious and freaking out.  I trust my Subaru to stop on ice and get me to my destinations safely. However, I do not trust all the other drivers with less dependable cars and speeding issues.

I remember as a young Floridian child, I used to think that snow was this great, beautiful, glorious thing. Even throughout the majority of my first Indiana winter, I still loved the snow.  But then, I noticed something. After the snow angels and snowball fights and sledding, snow hardens and becomes lethal snowball material.  I also noticed how the morning-after snow lining the streets wasn’t soft, beautiful, and white; it was lumpy, brown, and yellow.

The love I had for snow slowly turned to hate. Waiting for the bus was a horribly cold activity which only furthered my hate for snow and the winter.

I still hate snow. It’s even worse now because I have to drive in it. Whenever I’m driving in snow/sleet/ice, I clench the steering wheel with fear, and my stomach swells with butterflies.

It took me roughly 45 minutes once I got to work to get over my anxiety. It’s freezing in this building, but I was warm because I was still so stressed from the drive.

I love Indiana with all my heart, but when it comes to these winters, all I can do it plot an exit strategy. Global warming, hurry up and do away with snow altogether! Unfortunately though, I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works at all.

H, out.

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One Response to Snow, snow. Go away!

  1. Bri says:

    I guess my first question would be WHY THE HELL DO YOU LOVE INDIANA WITH ALL YOUR HEART?! I don’t think you have been enough places, Hillary. 🙂

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