Facebook is My Lover

So, you, like me, are having a love affair with Facebook. Step 1: Admit it. Step 2: Hear me out.

I joined Facebook Fall 2004, and it has been a healthy, passionate relationship ever since. Sure, we’ve had our spats. The first one was when he betrayed college students. His exclusivity ended, and he opened up to high school students and eventually to anyone and everyone. I felt like he was being a man whore. I forgave him when I realized I had friends who weren’t in college with whom I wanted to connect.

Then, we argued about the Newsfeed. I was very upset about it because I felt like a stalker and didn’t like that people could stalk me. In the end, I realized isn’t that why we’re on the Book? To keep track of people?

Our biggest fight was, of course, when he added applications that annoyed the crap out of me! I was also very upset when he took away Scrabulous, but he gave it back in the form of Lexulous.

But through and through, we’ve been there for each other. Every time (which was a lot) I broke my phone and needed numbers or needed pictures for scrapbooking, he was there. If I needed to invite people to an event, he was there. From tagging embarrassing pictures of friends to liking someone’s status, he has always been there.

Not everyone seems to share my love. So many users have complained about it. I had a friend who left Facebook because it got to be “too greasy” for him. But, he came crawling back after a few months. Another left after a break up, but he came on back, too.

Go on,admit it. You, like my friends, love the Book, too. It has changed the way you communicate with your friends, family, and acquaintances. In fact, it has changed the way the world communicates.

I’m sorry fiance, but you’ve got to make space for my second love.

Now, time to change my Facebook status and upload some photos.

H, out.

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3 Responses to Facebook is My Lover

  1. Lee says:

    Not related to this post: That is a gorgeous picture of the waterfront. Who took it?

  2. MoRo says:

    LOVES IT! and, I just lost the game.

  3. funpoems says:

    Yes, that’s so true about Facebook…And then of course there’s the jilted lover so many of us dumped…Her-his name is MySpace…

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