Breakfast Club

So, Purdue University, home of the Boilermakers, is really quite a conservative campus.  There is no drinking period in dorms; the excise and Purdue police crack down every weekend looking for underage drinkers. On top of this, we’re in a normally Republican state.

But yet, through the conservative mindset that often permeates this town, there is a flagrant anomaly that attacks Purdue almost every Saturday during the fall semester.

Breakfast Club is a first semester activity.  It happens every Saturday that there is a home game. Basically what happens is that Purdue students, parents, and alumni head to the campus bars donning costumes around 6AM, and the bars open at 7AM. The bars almost exclusively serve screwdrivers. How a tradition so blatantly alcoholic has survived on this campus is beside me. But it goes to show that even the most orthodox places know how to let loose!

Only here, on any given Saturday, can a phrase like, “I need to get my elf ears,” be said when it’s not Halloween or Christmas (and be completely accepted as an undeniable truth). Boiler the eff up!

H, out.

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One Response to Breakfast Club

  1. MegAnne says:

    You’re forgetting Grand Prix Breakfast Club, the one sacred Saturday in the Spring where those dedicated few arise early to seek racing glory (ya know, the actual point of Grand Prix) while the rest of campus pull their costumes out of the dust for one final hurrah before the year ends. Boiler Up!

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