So, toes do not get as much attention as fingers. I  just made up that fact, but there is evidence to prove my point. All my fingers (and yours as well) have a clear cut name. We’ve got the thumb and pinky and then the index, middle, and ring fingers.

What of my toes? I call one of them “my big toe” and another one  “my pinky toe.” I know that isn’t an entirely scientific way to quantify them, and yet, you know to which toes I was referring. But what about the middle toes? I have no idea what I’m supposed to call those little Vienna sausage-shaped digitals.

My MOH suggests that we refer to them as market, home, beef, wee wee wee, and none. I think that’s an exceptional idea.

But with her stroke of genius, there is a downside. My fiance pointed out the awkwardness of a phrase such as “My roast beef is broken.” Or, as D$ pointed out, “I sprained my none.”

Speaking of toes, I need to go soak my market; it hurts.

H, out.

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5 Responses to Toes

  1. schwa says:


  2. Sarah-May says:

    The Scots actually have a number of names for toes, including ‘Pirlie-winkie’ if a toe is small (sometimes generally used for the pinky toe, but not always) and ‘Tickie-taed’ if a toe is in fact in the middle and/or odd shaped. I.E:

    “ach Lass thats a fair wee tickie-taed you got there!”


  3. MoRo says:

    Why am I not Scottish?

  4. MegAnne says:

    Heck yes, I’m so glad you started this blog H! Looking forward to being entertained on a daily basis…

  5. funpoems says:

    Hi Hillary – enjoyed the insight and humor in this thoughtful, toe-ful, and finger-licking-good blog!

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